We transform
customer orders into
unique products

& Design

The engineering and development department handles all the technical aspects of production, from the first steps through to the final product, and all the accessories that a client might require.

For this we use the latest technology to meet the needs of our prestigious clients.

Development Process



Quick reaction, flexibility and follow-up in production make sure the customer receives the finished product JUST IN TIME.
The Arrangement sector receives orders and deadlines set by customers via EDI/ SAP.

After being cut, the pieces are sewn by experienced, multi-skilled seamstresses with know-how who ensure perfection in each manufactured product, along with flexibility in production.


The packaging and shipment of products to customers follow their quality requirements and specifications.

Know-how, technology, respect for the environment, competitiveness, quality, multi-skilling, flexibility, development, training, all allow AUNDE Portugal to have a variety of certificates that attest to the importance the company lends to its customer’s needs.

The team at Aunde Portugal pursues the objective of Continued Improvement and Entrepreneurial Excellence in order to increase its competitiveness and continue to elevate the level of quality, with the aim of achieving Total Customer Satisfaction.

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