Quality is the key
to Aunde’s growth


The quality system was first implemented in 1998, when AUNDE Portugal opted to work towards ISO 9002:1994 certification, which it achieved in 1999.

This certification boosted AUNDE Portugal competitiveness in its key markets (the manufacture of covers for automobiles and aircraft). Since then, it has been constantly updating its certifications, whilst continually improving its processes, products.

Quality Certificates:

IATF 16949 for supplying the automotive industry

Environmental Certificates:
ISO 14001

Certifications – Automotive:
Supplier of Excellence (level A) to the VW group, under the VDA 6.3 standard

Certifications – Aeronautical:
EN 9100 for supplying the aeronautical industry
Part 21, Subpart G / POA – Production Organisation Approvals – FORM 1


The raw material is subjected to rigorous quality control.
We have a fully equipped laboratory in order to perform all the tests required by our clientes.


AUNDE Portugal is particularly aware of the environment and its duty to adhere to the relevant directives. This manufacturer of covers for automotive and aeronautical components has, as one of its objectives, the need to control and minimise its impact on the environment.

Our purpose as a company obliges us not only to satisfy our clients but also to ensure that we effectively protect our environment. We do this through careful management of our product and our production processes and a tight control over both consumption and waste disposal.

To help people understand all the environmental initiatives at AUNDE Portugal, we have produced this environmental statement of record, as set out in Annexe IV of European parliament and Council Regulation no. CE 1221/2009, of the 25th of November.


Integrated management system

This is the strategy that has been adopted by a management team that wants to create awareness of quality in all its organisational processes. The “total” means that it applies not just to everybody within the organisation but also to all suppliers, distributors and all other business partners.

The maximisation of client satisfaction is what everyone is aiming for.
All staff should be actively engaged in optimising product quality at every stage.


Design & development with global OEMs


Product & delivery to
local system suppliers

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